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Magic PopBar – Put list building Magic Pop Bars on your affiliate links, to build your list while you earn commissions


“Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Profitable List On Autopilot, By Capturing Leads And Subscribers From Any Website – Even If It’s Owned By Someone Else!”

Put list building Magic Pop Bars on your affiliate links, to build your list while you earn commissions.

Put Magic Pop Bars on other people’s websites, including  search engines and directories. This powerful solution can be used in conjunction with blogging, forums, Twitter or social marketing.

Add Magic Pop Bars to your own article sites, to build a list on autopilot – without having to modify any of your web pages.

Instantly add Magic Pop Bars to your own sales pages as an effective way to build a list. They’re far less intrusive than squeeze pages or conventional popups.

Use Magic Pop Bars to promote your own offers or affiliate links from any website on the Internet.

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Magic Popbar

Larry McCann

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How to Build Your List – Weekend Project

How are you going to build your list? Really!

Today I will make it a lot easier for you to so.

Follow These Steps:

I am assuming of course that you have a website,
a quality product you have the right to giveaway,
and an autoresponder.

Step 1:

Ok, I know most, if not all of you will have your own

Step 2:

But what about your own Quality Product you have the
right to giveway? I can help you there if you do
not have your own product to giveaway and you take
advantage of my new PLR Collection Today. This is
vital if your plan to build your list is going to work.

Here is a complete collection of 12 brand new list
building private label products.

Set to an *Insane Low Price* just for you…
so we can get this project up and running over the weekend.

Get this package today, You will be glad you did….


You’ll receive both the DOC and PDF formats
of the report for easy editing!


* PSD Files For ALL Graphics!
* Keyword Swipe File!
* Instant Access To Affiliate Programs
To Add In Your Reports!

* Premium Squeeze Page Template

Many of the report packages come with extra
bonus items, including articles that you can
use however you wish – autoresponder sequences
and emails that you can instantly plug into your
autoresponder saving you even more time!

Go get this package today

== > 12 PLR Collection

Choose one of the products to use for the giveaway,
or bundle a few of them together to make it more
appealing, and setup your squeeze/landing page.
This should be pretty easy as all you have to do is
modify one of the squeeze pages included in your
PLR Package.

Step 3:

Do you have your own autoresponder, you have to have
one to build your list. If not setup an account here.

==> AutoResponder

Setup your autoresponder, get the code, and insert it
into your squeeze page.

Ok, now that all the pieces are in place

signup at this giveaway event as a JV Partner

==> Giveaway Event

Do this today and set the whole project up over
the weekend, and test everything to make sure the
delivery of your gift is working properly, and by
June 15, 2010 when the giveaway event starts, you
will be on your way to building your list by leaps
and bounds. You must also promote the giveaway the
best you can or your gift will be removed.

Bonus Idea:
When you sign up for the giveaway event you will be given
the opprotunity to upgrade your account. This will allow you
to setup special offers, 3 of them actually, which are rotated
and shown to everyone who logs in during the event, and you
can set it to sell the PLR Package or any other product you have.
Neat idea eh!

Once you have this setup, all you need to do is join
more giveaways and repeat the process over and over.

To your success,

Larry McCann

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