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7 Steps To Creating A Profitable Online PLR Business


If you can create a profitable online business,

you’re almost guaranteed of having the ability to

leave your 9-5 job and be your own boss. Living

a lifestyle where its not necessary to get up early

each morning and you have no one to boss you around.

Here are 7 steps on how you can create a profitable

online business for yourself.

1. Find a niche and do your research

You have to find a niche which you have an interest

in selling to and do your homework on the type

of products that are selling.

Note down improvements you may make to the

existing products and imagine how well the

market will accept it.

2. Write an eBook

Write an eBook based on a popular topic you have

found on your research. Ensure that the best

information is given. You want your customers to

be more than pleased after reading your eBook.

3. Design a professional web page

To sell an eBook, you need to have a good looking

web design so the prospects will trust you.

Having an unprofessional , awful design will

hurt your sales. So outsource your web design

if you’re not able to do it yourself.

4. A Sales Letter

You have to write a good sales letter which

explains the benefit of the product to the

customers. A good sales letter is hard to

write. If you are not good at writing sales letters,

you may consider outsourcing it to a copywriter.

This is an essential factor in marketing

your product. It is what persuades the prospects

to buy your product.

5. Create a squeeze page

Create a web page with the sole purpose of

capturing your prospects’ email address. All your traffic generation methods

should be promoting this link.

6. Develop an autoresponder series

Contact your subscribers after they sign up

to your squeeze page with an autoresponder


You should give educate the subscribers with

good information and promote the eBook you


7. Create more products

Create another related product and sell it to

the existing customers and subscribers which

you have built.

Create another eBook or an audio version of

the eBook. The objective is to continue

building your list of customers and customers

to be able to sell more to them.

This is the blueprint to a profitable online business.

Many people have managed to earn a consistent

6 figure income doing this by outsourcing it to

professionals and taking the profits themselves.


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