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Digi Marketing Jedi 50% Off Available Now

Digi Marketing Jedi


You’re about to become a Marketing Jedi.  You’re going to learn how
people are wired, and how you can use this to improve your marketing.

But I want to make something very clear right from the start…

We didn’t invent this stuff.  The ‘buttons’ you’re about to learn how to push have
been known to high tier marketers and compliance professionals for some time,
even if they weren’t quite sure why they worked.

People are affected to different degrees, but they do affect everyone, and it
doesn’t help much to know they’re being used.  These days, I can pretty often
spot what someone’s doing when they’re trying to sell me something… but they
still manage to sell it to me.

The seminal text on this subject – and one to which we owe quite a debt – is
Robert Cialdini’s Influence.  You’ll find a lot more information on the theory
behind most of these buttons (and more detail on a lot of the case studies) in this
book.  It’s freakin’ amazing, and as soon as you’re done with Digi Marketing Jedi
you should read it.

So, what does Digi Marketing Jedi offer you that nothing else does?

Really, it’s a matter of approach.

This can be information – sending emails that actually provide useful content
rather than just pointing people towards a promotion…

It could be a freebie – a free report or bit of software that your subscribers don’t
have to do anything for, not even sign up to a new list…

But give them something, and the sense of obligation they’ll feel will result in a
lot more clicks for you.

This is just the beginning – More on how you can obtain this Information will
happen here on February 28, 2012 – Stay Tuned!

Update: February 28, 2012

Digi Marketing Jedi is now available for 50% Off, get your copy Now using the link below.

Digi Marketing Jedi


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