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Easy FanPage Design WP Plugin


Easy FanPage Design

Creating a Decent Fan Page Used to Be a Pain.

Frankly it used to be a pain to create Custom Facebook Pages which is why back in March of 2011 we created Easy FanPage Design. The first plugin for creating Facebook pages.

Over the intervening year we have made many changes and our 1,000 plus customers are happily making profitable Facebook pages for their clients and themselves.

In that time I have seen and tested many other plugins for creating FanPages and frankly I was not overly impressed. When we went into the market place creating plugins I was conscious of the fact that we wanted to create high quality tools, that would be kept up to date. For that reason we never went the route of finding inexpensive outsourcers, rather we have full time programmers based out of the US and the UK to give you the powerful tools that you deserve.

Unlike many other plugin creators we don’t believe in spending as little as possible on development to make more money, but rather we aim to deliver absolute top quality to you, our customers.

Easy FanPage Design WP Plugin

11 Reasons Why You Need Easy FanPage Design Working For You…

  • You have control over every aspect of the page.
  • You can have Multiple Pages off one WordPress Installation
  • You can incentivise Likes, and can reward people for having liked your page.
  • You can insert blog posts into your pages
  • You can insert Google Maps, Slideshows and more into your pages
  • You can have various different optin form styles with more coming soon
  • You can use our built in SSL Certificate Creator so you don’t need to have your own SSL
  • There are no monthly fees
  • Set up a fan page as easily as writing a blog post, make it look stunning without a lick of design or coding knowledge, and update it in a snap
  • Hook up to Google analytics so you can test and track results like any other website…and glean customer insights that’ll pay dividends for years to come
  • Tap thousands of available WordPress plug-ins to deck out your page with features that impress your clients, friends and colleagues — and amp up your sales, clients and email list.
Who Can Benefit From Simple & Speedy Fan Page Creation?
Offline Marketing Consultants Michael and I are both “offline” marketers who have added fan page creation onto the list of services we offer — which some offliners are charging as much as $500 for…
Affiliate Marketers. Tap Facebook’s massive traffic to sell more of the products you’re promoting, build lists with giveaways, and more…
Business Owners. Brick and mortar retailers, home service providers, service professionals — whatever your business, you can take advantage of fan pages to…
  • Put yourself in your customers’ path — they’re already going to Facebook — once you’re there too then it’s super convenient for them to tell friends about you and for you to sell more products or services directly to them
  • Offer specials and discounts to those who “Like” your page, reinforcing their loyalty and excitement about your business AND getting them buzzing about your business
  • Turbocharge your email list sign-ups…after people see you on friends’ profiles or during a Facebook search…then are wowed by all the devoted fans and glowing comments…and eagerly become new customers and clients

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Check this out!

He has done it again!

Check out this email I just received from John.
Trivia for you today:

Who did create the first biggest collection online
of products all offered with master resale rights?

The answer is:

Yours truly…

When I did that, I had no idea why someone else
had not done that first…

Today I am scratching my turbo head… for that same

How come NOBODY thought about what I am offering
to you today???

The answer could be simple enough though:

* I’m the best Internet Marketing customer. *


I’ve the biggest collection of Internet Marketing
related products – as a customer. I buy everything. I am a
collector by nature. And I do love Internet Marketing as you
know already..

As we all know life is a continuous change.
If you do not evolve your business to comply with the new
standards then you’re off.

Take for example.

Who could ever believe that you could have a folder in your
computer that could be synchronized with another folder
online inside a server…

…and that each time a new file was added to that online
folder… then that same file should be AUTOMATICALLY
downloaded into YOUR computer, inside the shared folder….
without lifting a finger!




As you may have noticed too… today I do not operate any
membership site with downloads only…


Well… believe it or not… I do not have time to upload
the products, then create a page for each product that will
display what is offered, and then update that membership
with more uploads… etc. etc. etc.

That’s how the idea came….

What if…


What if I created a DBOX membership….?

What if I offered the access to that membership for 1 flat
lifetime fee??

Here is what could happen:

Members would pay the fee – once, for ever.

I’d then ask for their dropbox email addresss….

Then I’d just SHARE a folder inside MY dropbox account…
with the email address of each one of the paid members…


Each time I’d save a file in MY computer the DropBox’s

=> would upload the file automatically to MY DropBox online
account and on that particular shared folder…

=> would then download the file automatically to each one of the
members’ DropBox foler INSIDE THEIR computer…

All the above done on auto-pilot…



I could signup today!!!

Just think about it…

– You do not have to REMEMBER to download anything

– DropBox will automatically download all new files in your computer

– You will never miss a new file added in the collection
because that collection is automatically synchronized with
everything included to the online master area!

And it’s becoming better…

DropBox can be accessed via your iPad, iPhone, etc…

Hence you could even access those products inside that
shared membership via your PHONE!!



Has ANYONE created such a membership… YET?

The answer is NO.

Unless I have missed some news, the answer is NO…

…and I have no idea why… The idea is simple
…but yet.. powerful.

Sidenote: Of course… all good ideas are simple and look
like too simple when they are on the air…
That’s another story. :)


The news is that I created that membership for you.


I shall keep adding on that shared membership all the products
I buy online that are offered with any kind of rights which allow
their addition to a PAID membership site…

THAT way… I pay for the products and DropBox will send them
over to your dropbox folder automatically!

Is this the BEST IDEA ever for creating a fully automated membership
of that kind???




I am going to upload the first file on that membership on
April 11, 2012. And I shall stop when I shall have uploaded
100GB of products inside. Well… truth is Eric and some of
my people will help too. :) so I can be more productive by
giving birth to some other awesome projects… Yeah… April
and May 2012 are TURBO MONTHS so expect to see me rocking
HARD and start partying from today.. because of the number
of opportunities to be offered to you soon!

I assume there should not be any call for action here…

You’d have already become a member of my new dboxMEM…


Here is the link:

The flat fee, the LIFETIME FLAT FEE for accessing dboxMEM is
$47 for today… I know this is a silly price but I want to
give the chance to all EARLY BIRDS here to join at the best

That price will change soon.


You do not easily be offered 100 GB!!! for $47.. right?

In fact.. the ONLY reason for that low price is that we
have not yet uploaded anything inside…

As said:

– Uploading starts on April 11, 2012
– Uploading ends when 100GB of products are inside.

What should you do now:

Go at and join.


You will be asked to signup with a form after your order
where you will insert your DropBox email address.

That’s it.

Nothing else to be done for the INFINITY!!

WE SHALL SHARE the dboxMEM with you on APRIL 11.

And from that point onward – you will have all the GBs coming onto
your computer by doing nothing at all.

If you are a TURBO MEMBER:

Go at and join, because we shall be
uploading products inside the dBoxMEM in the future and yes
you may miss them indeed.

Turbo Pass holders: Also join today since this is a service
and you really need it believe me.


The Net changes FAST.

We ALL need to comply with Net’s tempo and MOVE FAST…
to SPEED UP our results.

I show you the way.

Just join me today.
Snooze and you lose indeed.

Stop what you are doing right now.
Everything else can wait.

Go at and join today.

And then…


*** Make money too by selling dBoxMEMs too! ***

For each member you send you get 30%
For each member your sub-affiliates send you get 10%

Are you a super duper affiliate?

Start making some sales first (since results only count)
and then contact us for raising your commissions.

Still here?

Go at and join today.

A money back guarantee is offered of course, for 30 days,
but if this is what you are thinking right now… then… PLEASE
do not order.. BECAUSE it’s so pathetic indeed…

This membership is for DOers.

I automate everything so you can DO things FAST
and have results much sooner that the ones you’re expected.

That’s what I do for you.

YOU just need to act NOW and stop thinking in a miserable way, ok?
There is nothing to test here.
And you can fully trust me.

New comers: Google my name for more info.

See you inside on April 11!

John Delavera

p.s. I mean it: 100GBs. You cannot miss those products…
You cannot miss having them all inside one area centralized
for you… Can you?


Larry here,

See what I mean?

Grab it while you can, do not hesitate.

You can also sign up as an affiliate here

dboxMEM Affiliate Signup 

All the Best


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