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After starting your blog, the next part is finding those readers and keeping them. Where there are blogs there needs to be readers, but you must make your blogs known and do so wisely. Your readers are what make your blog important to keep up with. Here are some pointers to assist you in keeping your readers when writing.

How Niche Marketing Can Attract Readers

Did you originally start your blog with a specific niche in mind? When you are trying to gain readership for your weblogs, it is important to stick to one topic. Most people already know what they want to write about for their online business. If you have no clue, then stick with niche marketing. You will choose what type of niche, or topic, you are interested in by researching online. This helps you to see what others are talking about and if there seems to be an interest from readers. If you choose something that is very obscure, it may be harder to gain readers.

Create a Blogging Schedule

When you are trying to gain readers for your blog, your posts should be done so on a particular schedule. Do not post whenever, you must decide on which days or weeks you will post. If you post multiple times a day, stick with specific times and let your readers know what those are. Give them a reason to come back and tell them to look for your next post at 5pm to learn more.

Are Your Readers Engaged?

Does your online business engage your readers? When writing blogs, talk to your readers. Make them feel like they can picture themselves in the situations you are describing. If you can answer your own questions in your mind, then chances are, you will have readers who also can. Make them curious about your topic, or an upcoming topic. They will want to know more, and might ask questions or suggest topics for you to write about. If they leave comments on your weblogs, comment back. Engaging your readers helps you to maintain readers and build your blog with more topics to write about.

Use Social Media

Whenever you make a new post, be sure to tell your followers in any social networking site you belong to. If you Twitter, send out a tweet linking to your new post. Put a note up on your Facebook page. Wherever you are a member, drop a note to let everyone know you just put up a new post.

Also, be sure to make it easy for your readers to share your post with their followings but adding the links to the most popular social bookmarking sites. This enables you to get some back links to your site as well as some direct traffic.

Posting Ideas

You now have multiple posts with readers coming. Did you keep up with the posts that gained the most readers? If you have some kind of tracker on your blog, look through it to find the blogs with the most traffic. Repost them in a section of your blog labeled as your most read posts. This will encourage more readers to read your other blogs.

These are all great pointers that assist you in gaining readers to your blogging sites. Stick with niche marketing and keep your readers engaged, and you will see traffic driving to your blog each day.

Larry  McCann

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